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Parent teacher evenings
Parents evening are always a dilemma. Do you go in, listen and leave? Do you go in, ask a lot of questions, and request more information, or do you try to do a bit of both?

I always worry that if I ask too many questions and want to know ‘more’, then th teacher will take it out on my child later.

Now I know that teachers are professionals and shouldn’t do that, but I just wonder if some do.

I have to admit that I very rarely know what to ask the teacher. They always tell me how good the child is, how they try, how they participate in class, get on with their peers etc, but frakly, I’d like to know what’s not going well. What do we have to work on to get better?

So, I have a few questions I ask that I thought you’d like to know in case you are as tongue tied at these meeting as I am.

  • What area needs improvement?
  • What subject is his/her best ?
  • What subject is his/her worst?
  • What can I do to improve his/ her worst subject ?
  • How can I help you ( the teacher) to improve my child’s work?
  • What will be coming next term that we can start preparing for now?
  • Are there any areas of concern the teacher has?

Basically I’m trying to get areas I can work on / help with or improve.  Rather than hear how wonderful my child is. I love hearing how great my child is, of course, but I can’t work on the stuff that is fixed, I need to know what is broken.

My son’s handwriting is terrible, so I also ask the teacher to help me by saying he has to write for 10 minutes every day. This is not one of her requirements at all, but it holds so much more weight if she says it, even though it’s really what I want. So a helpful ‘working together’ is really useful.

As we only get 10 minutes with the teacher 3 times a year, there’s not much you can squeeze in, but if you go prepared, and try to be constructive, you should get out more than you think!

Any tips you have will be gratefully received – just pop them in the ‘comments’ box.  Have a great Parents Evening!

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