Potty training

Summer Infant All In One Potty Seat & Step Stool BlueHow to potty train your child is different for every one.  For my son, I started off with pull ups and then I bought him a pack of underpants with his favorite character on them (Bob the Builder) which he really loved to wear.

We constantly praised him when he sat on the potty, and don’t  tell them off  if they do have an accident as this can set them back. We  also had a chart with some treats for incentives and just loads and loads of encouragement.

Also leave the potty where they can see it and be comfortable.

Even in front of the TV so they can watch there favourite programme while sitting on it, although that was not what I did, but I did keep one upstairs and one downstairs for quick use!  The main thing is that they and you remain really relaxed, and keep asking if they need to go.

Every child is different. Don’t panic if it takes them a while – they will get it eventually. Just ask, praise and encourage, and when you eventually migrate to the toilet, get them a step to make it easier for them.

For boys, put a ping pong ball in the toilet ( it doesn’t flush) and tell them to aim for it. I found this helped spills outside the toilet which drives me mad!!

Potty training is a bit like weaning babies onto solids. Try a few different techniques, praise often, keep trying, be consistent.  Don’t worry, I never saw a normal, healthy adult using a potty, so your child will get the hang of it! Good luck!

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