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My Child Won’t Eat – Book Review

He offers useful information, such as average weight gains, and potential needs, and he also explains that you needn’t panic when your children don’t want to eat, and why you shouldn’t panic.

Moving baby to solids

Remember that your child does not need ‘tasty food’ as they have no idea what that is, so keep it plain and bland in the begining. It’s really all abou the textures more than the taste in the first 2 months.

Bonding with your bump

Foods – no, GREAT food – for babies and Mums

Pregnant mums need to eat well. There are a few great foods that the baby growing inside you needs to have too, so have a read, and try to make sure you cover all the bases.

Bonding with your bump

To bond or not to have bonded……that is the bump.

My first pregnancy was not all that first pregnancies are meant to be.
Basically, I struggled a lot.

Not because I was pregnant, or because I was ill, or too big, or any of the normal complaints.

Simply because I was pregnant.

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