Quality not quantity is what we want..

Quality please...

And that is apparently what it’s all about when it comes to ( whisper now) sex...

Apparently when things get a little boring in the bedroom, people should look for fewer, but more fun experiences.

Well, I can understand that, but I actually would like both -and who says I can’t have both? Well, sometimes my kids say it .. of course not in those exact words….. but something similar, like  ” I need my dance clothes NOW!” or ” can you make me 2 eggs, toast, a banana and yoghurt for breakfast?” when all I want to do is cuddle a bit more in bed and forget the world exists outside of my bedroom door.

And why is that?  Well, suddenly in my 40’s I feel more liberated, more in tune, and happy to use my body in ways I was not happy to before ( my man will be happy to read that!). Also, I am happy to ask for what I want in bed, and talk about what I like.  Luckily for me I don’t have to do much of that if ever with my man, but  I’d be happy to do it if I felt the need.

Luckily, almost 2 years on, we’re not quite at that stage, but who knows,it could be around the corner….

So, what are the tips? Apparently things like:

Do it in different places – out of personal experience can I save you the horror of the beach or a stable, as romantic as those sound. Hay pricks like mad, and sand gets everywhere.

Try a different position – well there are more than 69 people, but most of us get stuck there I know….

Make your bedroom romantic – candles, scent, music etc.  Be careful that too much of that doesn’t just put you right to sleep..

Ban electronic items from the bedroom – we’ve SO not managed to do this. Apparently the bedroom is for sex and sleep only.  Ahem .. ahem.. are you reading this??

Massage each other – yup I could have a little more of that and if I weren’t so exhausted I could give a little more.

Basically, ‘jive it up’ is what the sexperts are saying. Listen,this is NO different from what we know, but in between the siblings fighting, the homework chasing, the laundry and cleaning ( and the bloody cooking), who the hell has time to think about how you are gonna get your partner in the mood tonight?  My tip? Go away for the weekend, sleep the first 12 hours, go at it like rabbits the next 12 hours, and come home happy and relaxed.  Repeat once a month. Now that’s gotta be quality!

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