The budget is tough – but so is life

The tough budget

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YAY yay George Osborne – a man who makes tough decisions, and implements it!

In the budget yesterday, he announced:

“Housing benefit will be limited to a maximum of £400 per week for a four bedroom house.”

Excellent idea. I have friends squeezing 8 kids and 2 parents into a 4 bed home, and they live happily, if squashed, NOT claiming any benefits. If they can survive, so can others who DON’T contribute to the economy.

There are many problems in the UK. The first problem is, Labour has spent all the money. So much for a government that was ‘for the people’ – yeah, right!!  For fiddling expenses and getting even more for themselves rather ….
What does it mean if the government has no money and is spending more than it gets? Well, the baby boomers are set to retire and there’s a dwindling number of workers to pay their state pensions. That’s because we encourage benefit claimants more than workers. We should be paying people a £500 bonus for every full year they work.   You work a year – you get a £500 cheque at the end of that full year. MUCH cheaper than monthly unemployment benefit payments.

Another problem? Pensions – or the lack of them.  I’ve got friends in their 30s and 40s with iPads, iPhones and no pensions. They have to change their priorities. You can’t eat an iPad. If you sell it it won’t buy much food either, and that £400 invested over 20 years ends up a lot more!!  That iPad costs the same as the amount of your entire monthly pension from the government. Get it? You just bought an electronic gadget with your entire monthly income.  (Or what would be when you are 67-ish).  Hope  you can live in it and eat it, and it keeps you warm then!!

Get real people, take responsibility.  People can’t be empowered unless they take responsibility for themselves and any kids they choose to create.  Teach your kids the right way.

People who clam benefits should have to work in the community for a minimum of 8 hours a week. No matter what. They can fill envelopes, sit in a museum room to monitor people, answer emails, sweep streets, check copy/ text.

The state benefits the wrong people. I saved all my life, never claimed etc, but now that I don’t have a job, and things are tough, I can’t claim because I saved! That is teaching the WRONG behaviour rather than the right. It teaches you NOT to save and then to claim!! What they should do, is save, and when you get in trouble, they help you a little based on your savings amount, so your savings last LONGER.

Last but not least, people that have a second home should get NO council tax rebates/ savings etc. If you can afford a second home you should pay for everything to do with it. Most people can’t afford a first home…so if you have 2 –pay for it!!

Let’s go back to basics – take out those old recipes, teach your kids to cook Chicken Curry or Singapore Noodles in stead of getting take-aways, teach them good money management, and how to be GOOD CITIZENS! The world will be a better place then I think!

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