The Royal Wedding was BRILLIANT!

Happily ever after.....

Ok, I have to admit in advance I love the pomp and ceremony of a Royal Wedding. I love the romance, the fairytale and the tear-jerking moments too, because it just appeals to the romantic in me.

This Royal Wedding was the best. It just goes to show, dreams DO come true!!

Here is one photo of some of the event I love….

Yes, its the romantic in me, a normal girl marries a Prince. We all read about it when we were little, and before that, our parents read us the stories too.

As we grew up we were lead to believe that this could happen to anyone – especially us.

Now we see it DID happen to someone, and I am thrilled for her.   I hope they live a long and happy life together. Forever. And it really does end with “And they live happily ever after.”

Good luck Kate and Wills!!

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