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Life skills and University

Who says the Stanford University dean is right (along with all the other people that have written articles and books on the subject) – perhaps they are all wrong.

Doing it all…..

Some parents believe in the opposite. Cook every meal for them. Make every cup of tea. Cut every fruit. Make every school lunch. Carry every bag. Buy every toy and open it up for them. Bake every cake. ETc – do everything, even when they are adults, keep on doin it.
What is your opinion on the matter?

Bring rugby boots quickly!

“Bring rugby boots quickly please!” – a text from my son on a Friday afternoon.  He knows I am not the ‘bring things to school’ type of Mum. I don’t do that. I don’t bring thigs to school, or get involved with teachers, or make school lunch. It’s not what I do. So today I […]

set yourself free

Tip :Take responsibility for your life

So what is going to count in the hard times? Perseverance, not being handed everything, so you have to work for things, because when the hard times hit, you’ll have to work even harder, and keep on doing it, for years maybe. But if you know about working hard, you won’t be upset by it.

I’ve been saying that for AGES!!!

True validation comes from within. Deep down we know that. But we rarely want to do the work emotionally to learn how to appreciate ourselves, we look for validation from our partners, our bosses, our jobs, our friends. It a never ending search for happiness, which we really need to find inside.

Paradise – for sale in Seychelles – and Pictures

Looking for a stunning villa to buy on a private Island serviced by a seven star hotel ? Here it is!

My son is growing up.

What he warns parents against specifically is confusing puberty with maturity. What he tells parents is that the physical changes signal the end of puberty, but the child may still be in a younger emotional age. In other words, don’t confuse puberty, which is physical, with adolescence, which is a process of maturing both physically and emotionally.

Modern communication

Einstein was right

Albert Einstein:
“I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.”

Adult spaces

I am amazed at how much of your life kids take over. I know they are a huge part of your life, but who said they have to take over your life?

More than that. They take over your life spaces.

Wigwam fun

The kids had fun building it – the dog had fun in it , and the adults liked watching the process.

How much is a mum worth?

But we all know that Mums are seriously underestimated, especially in their monetary value. So, I got a lovely chap to send me (what they think is) the true value of a Mum.

5 ways to save money (and make your kids save too!)

Everyone knows times are tough. just about every parent I know is struggling to meet the bills and pay for the extras. But how do you cut down when you’ve really cuts down so much?

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