Are tweens terriffic or terrible?


So your child is not a toddler, and not a teenager, what are they? Other than unrecognisable when they throw a tantrum, or are being very difficult, but not in that usual ‘toddler way’. Your child is now a TWEEN. Congratulations!

As my kids get older , I have found birthday parties harder to deal with, so I have written a few ideas ( more to come later) for parties I have found successful.

Spend the day at an amusement park with one or two friends. We have found that LegoLand Windsor is always a great place, as it has something for everyone.

Go bowling – Most alleys offer organized parties, and they also throw in a food snack and a juice in the party package too. The kids generally get two games to play.

Take in a “cool movie” and bring the gang back to the house for cake.

In summer time, it’s great to visit the local water park. Naturally, these have more hazards you need to be aware of, and keeping tabs on the kids is virtually impossible, so not recommended for a nervous parent, but a few friends and water always goes down well.

Have a sleepover. With a wide variety of videos to watch and lots of junk food, they’re always a hit for both boys and girls. Most families have a Playstation or a Wii these days, and you could borrow one off a friend if you don’t but it also allows them hours of fun playing and then let them carry on and play. Usually they go to bed very late, and usually they just collapse, so allow for a little ‘sleep in’ time the next morning before the friends are collected.

Play board games, with prizes for the winner. Usually games like Ludo, Connect 4 and snakes and Ladders are better as they are quicker, and you can arrange ‘knock out’ rounds. This is more a girls party than a boys, but ice creams all around after wards makes up for losing!

More party ideas to come, I have to go make *chicken nuggets* for the party we’re about to have, and a few *Finger foods*, like slivers of carrots, houmous, dips, celery, and tomato and cheese on toothpicks. Nothing worse than having to eat with a knife and fork at a party!

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