What NOT to buy in a car

cars-desktop-wallpaper-wallwuzz-hd-wallpaper-652I like my cars. I always have, but I need to stop buying STUPID cars, well, not stupid cars, rather stupid IDEAS – and then cars that match that idea.

Things like:

1) not buying a child friendly car when you have children,
2) not buying a car that accommodates a large cricket bag in the boot
3) not buying a car that will accommodate the new technology that arrives.

So I learnt my lesson pretty well last time, bought the car I wanted, it had the child friendly seats, and the 12V adapter for all iPhones, iTouches and Laptops that were going to come.
It also has the things I liked:
– automatic (I’m getting lazy)
– cruise control ( Even lazier)
– turbo boost ( lazy but FAST)
– leather interior

….. you get the picture.

None the less, I loved the car, I looked after it, and I used it WELL.

Then came time for a trade – in. The car was getting a little old, I was worried it would start costing money to fix, and I had got a DOG.

Yes, dogs cause extra complications when it comes to cars.

1) They tear up leather,
2) they need their own safe space
3) they need to be able to it and lie down comfortably
4) they need to be able to get in and out easily ( like children)
5) the moult, a LOT, (well mine does) so you need to be able to hoover the car easily

so, knowing all that, what did I do ?

I thought about it. I wanted the following:

1) a car that was small(ish)
2) a car that could take a cricket bag (or two) and a dog
3) a fast car (turbo boost)
4) an automatic car ( I am still lazy)

so what did I do? I went out searching, had a good look, asked the opinion of the people closest to me …. and then went out and bought a car I THOUGHT MY BOYFRIEND / PARTNER WOULD APPROVE OF / LOVE.

So, let’s see if it meets my criteria :

1) a car that was small(ish) – NO – IT’S HUGE
2) a car that could take a cricket bag (or two) and a dog – it would, and the dog’s family, ¬†half a kitchen, and 5 people, and probably all their luggage too….
3) a fast car (turbo boost) – nope, nada, zero, drives like a tank
4) an automatic car ( I am still lazy) – OH NO…. silly me, I must have WANTED to work harder whilst driving…and I can’t be lazy now! Perhaps I’ll get FITTER!

Ohhhh . and kid friendly? Yes, it has gadgets inside they love, but when they open the boot, they have to CLIMB INTO the boot to close it…. not so friendly…..

WOO _ HOO -What NOT to buy in a car

Aren’t I the princess in trying to please other people?
So now I’m stuck with a huge tank (nice colour though), that I really don’t like. My bad, no -one else’s I thought it would get approval from the people I most want approval from. That’s a common mistake, cos I always say you need to approve of YOURSELF, and not look for it elsewhere.

Time to find something else me thinks………. something I might actually like!!!
God knows I’m not the best at it, but I’ll give it a blood good shot!!

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