Work ? What for ? The world owes me….

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I intervied lots of graduates, and non-graduates. I think all kids are so ‘buoyed up’ by teachers and parents, that they have no idea of the realities of life.

Children grow up with a sense of entitlement, and expect people to give rather than to work for it.

I’ve had some real corkers in interviews ” But I DESERVE more money!”

“AH, sorry, what??? Have you proved that? You’ve not had a job yet, just finished university / college/ school, never worked whilst studying (other than at drinking or partying), and you DESERVE more money? Come back when you DO earn that, and we’ll talk again.”

Interview ended.

I teach my kids that nothing comes easy. I think nothing does when you are an adult- but most come WAY to easy when you are a kid.  Pocket money flows like water, but when can you ask your boss for more cash just “because I want to buy those shoes cos I like them” ?

Have I done my kids a disservice? I often think I have. They are last in the line ( polite) – they often don’t get the toy / treat ( waiting their turn), they don’t get their opinion heard often ( don’t shout at people), and they wait to  be asked a question ( respect your elders) instead of stating an opinion straight up.

The other kid push, shove, grab, snatch, yell answers, push forward to the front of the queue to get 2 goes instead of one, bullies rule the playground ( don’t hit other people) and that seems to be the societal way these days. The yobs get away with it, and the nice kids end up last.  I am often sorry I have such nice kids – but it’s too late now – I can’t change the training.

I’ll have to grin and bear it, and see what happens when they are older – it may be a bumpy and emotional ride!!

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