15 minutes of fame ? 51 seconds more like….

My Mum In Awe fame...

A few weeks ago now, the kind people of Schwartz Slow Cookers, offered to video me cooking oe of their recipies, using their Schwartz sauces.

Well, who says no to a  few minutes of fame – even if its online fame?

“Not I!”

So they sent along a lovely man called Ian, who brought a big camera, and a few other things, and he fillmed me cooking, and eating with the kids, and playing a bit of tennis.

You see when you put everything in a slow cooker, you can do other stuff, cos you don’t have to watch that food cook!  YAY!!

So it was a fun day, and the kids loved being in the video. Schwartz have a few more videos as well, see the links below, and have fun learning new cooking ideas!

Thanks Schwartz!!

See a collage of all the Mumy bloggers here…..

Part Three- Schwartz Slow Cookers Special


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