Belvita Breakfast

Lovely presentation....


OK, so I admit I am not the best at eating breakfast. I can never think what I need to get, we never seem to have what I feel like, and I’m not a great cereal person.  I like coffee – and lots of it.

So… when Belvita offered to send me their new Honey and Live Yoghurt breakfast to try out – I jumped at the chance.

Why you ask? Well… basically because it fits in with my coffee. Yay!

I can eat it as it is, or dunk it!! Yummeeeeee…..




Breakfast box


This is the box they sent me – nice presentation!

Seriously, Belvita also advises you eat a bit of fruit, and they provided that too ( sweet of them!), and they even provided a little coffee – bonus!

OK, so I needed a lot more coffee – but it was a nice gesture!








Belvita box


It’s an easy breakfast for me.

I can eat it anywhere, even pop it in my bag as I go out the door, to munch on when I have a moment.

And…it goes well with my coffee, and they are now producing more variety, so I can change them every week too if I feel like it.

Which is nice if you like a bit of variety…….you know what I mean?


So give them a try – I like them, you might too!

If you don’t, post a comment below to tell me why!


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