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In 2011 kids will get more and more involved in creating meals together before sitting down to eat.

This is a prediction from a Dr Greene on the web ( read more later on the link)..

I like this prediction, and I like the idea.  The 80s and some of the 90’s were convenience foods eras. We ate TV dinners, and food out of pre- made containers. We barely ever saw fresh food.

To some extent, that was not a  bad thing, refrigeration revolutionised the world, and helped us store food better and save huge amounts of waste. But it also introduced the use of chemicals in some cases to facilitate that, and we put those chemicals into our bodies.

That can’t be a good thing.

So, as we change our ways, and hopefully our eating  habits, perhaps the youth will learn from our mistakes. We can teach them how to correwctly cook fresh vegetables ( and in somecases show them what actual fres vegetables look like) and they can learn to put healthier products into their bodies, and hopefully into the world too.

It’s a win-win situation.

The funny thing is, when I cook with my daughter, we talk more in the kitchen than we do the rest of the week! It’s more relaxed, you have to prepare food, cook it, and spend time together waiting for certain things to happen! So you chat.

Little does she know it’s communication, and bonding, and family time together, probably 3 things she’ll hate to do soon, but she just thinks it’s cooking!  So I’m going to cook on!

And I think you should too!
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