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This year I decided to have a go at growing a few veggies and fruit for the family table.

I am not exactly a seasoned grower, nor a seasoned gardener, but there is something to be said for the satisfaction derived from planting seeds, nurturing them, and then putting the produce on the table for your family to eat, that I just get a huge kick out of.

This year I grew strawberries…


They were very good, I managed to even double the crop by seperating and replanting the little off shoots.


I think over all we’ve had about 100 strawberries this year.

Last year I did not have a tiny greenhouse, and I have to admit I had one this year.

I think that’s why they did so well this year.

Last year I left them outside  and the strawberries definitely did not like that.  They obviously like to be warm, that way they take after my own heart!

I also grew chillies…

Hot chillies

Hot chillies

I have to admit I love chillies. A lot.

Thee chillies I did not grow from nothing, I did buy the plant, but I have lovingly tended to it, and I seem to have got far more chillies than I thought I would!

They are very hot chillies, hotter than any of the family except me are able to handle, but I have frozen some, and I will make a chilli powder with some, and give it away for Christmas.

I might also make chili and salt flakes in a jar as another present – and I hope all my friends eat chillis!!

Recently I tasted the famous NAGA chilli – hotter than I could imagine, and very tasty in some sauces, but kind blows your socks off.

I also grew beans, mint, spring onions, spinach, and carrots.

More about those in another post.

All in all I had a pretty good year!

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