Is technology killing your relationship?

*** Warning – strong one sided personal opinions ***

Are you like me and HATE how technology has come between you and your partner (and children)? How it’s inveigled itself into your conversation ( or now lack of it). How they check their screens all the time, dive on it when it buzzes. Run upstairs when it beeps – enough to just about break a  leg.

According to The Glendon Association we spend “about nine and a half hours a day listening to music, emailing, texting, instant messaging, Facebooking, Twittering, surfing” and almost anything you can think of besides really communicating. The group cites the constant stimulation as a reason why we push out, “deep intimacy,” for an alternate reality.

That would explain why my OH would rather tap his screen for 2 hours playing a game, than talk to me.  Whilst I think I may be stimulating, obviously I’m not constantly and instantly stimulating ( a lot to live up to I recon) and the mobile game is.

I could maybe get him to talk to me , and every time he actually looked at me and engaged in conversation, I could hand him a imaginary ‘bonus’ – like the games do.  He could work towards level 2 – where he got some harder task to accomplish!  And the ultimate level 30000000000  – Iwould designate tap zones on my body ( I thought I had), and dole out fictitious rewards to him as he taps them. “Oh no honey, you don’t actually GET sex, you just enjoy pretending you may.  — Keep tapping!”

It may just be me, ( I seriously doubt that), but  I’d rather talk to a stranger than stare at my phone screen waiting for a text message or scrolling through my email, and while I understand  it is much easier to stare blankly at a screen than to get up the courage to break out of the tangled Web, and actually form a real life bond with a person in the flesh, I have to believe that your life is enriched by doing the latter.

When you are talking to your Other Half (OH) and they are staring at a screen whilst you talk – what does that say?

  1. I can’t be bothered to look at you and hear you
  2. My screen has more interesting stuff on it
  3. I really am just getting 30 % of what you say, but that’s good enough for me. Seeing as just about every male OH will tell you they can’t multi-task, you must assume the same goes for listening to someone whilst negotiating a screen.

Although we brag about how globally interconnected we are through technology, if we live our life through technology  then I believe  we truly are alone.

Many people you may never actually meet – could you really call them friends?????  Maybe I can coin a new word for this relationship called ‘friendology’. Not real relationships with real people, rather a  perceived relationship that comes out of a use of technology base.

Reach out to the people around you, they might be longing for that deep, personal connection rather than a web-based one. If you do that, perhaps you’ll use technology to enrich peoples lives,  rather than become  your only life.

I’m not the only one that thinks this ….

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