Mango & Orange Smoothie

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Mango smoothie

Now here’s a smoothie to wake up to! delicious and healthy and the colour just makes you happy!  Orange is such a happy color!

• 1 ripe mango
• 2 small bananas, peeled and chopped
• 300ml  fresh orange juice
• 6-8 ice cubes

Mangoes can seem a bit daunting, but they’re actually quite simple to prepare. Place the mango on a chopping board and cut a thin slice off the top and bottom. This allows the mango to sit up on the board. Use a sharp knife (or a peeler if the mango is not too ripe) and carefully peel away the skin. Once it’s skinless, cut down vertically on either side of the stone, which runs lengthways, and cut away the remaining mango from the stone.
Chop up into pieces and place in a blender with the bananas and the fresh orange juice. Blend until smooth and drink immediately.

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