Belvita Breakfast

OK, so I admit I am not the best at eating breakfast. I can never think what i need to get, we never seem to have what I feel like, and I’ not a great cereal person. I like coffee – and lots of it.

Schwartz Recipe Inspirations

Schwartz’s new Recipe Inspirations Kit

So…. when Schwartz asked me to try out their new Recipe Inspirations Kit – I jumped at the chance. They sent me a few packs, and I got cooking.

Cheddar cheese, potato and leek quiche

Potato and leek quiche
I’ve been delivered a few extra leeks this week, due to the bumper crop received by the Organic Farm delivery I use. I get a delivery twice a month, but even at that rate, I can’t eat that many leeks, so no I have to find other ways to use them up.


Winter minestrone

Had enough of all that food over Xmas? Overdone your eating on ham, turkey, sausages and meat in general? Here’s a vegetarian soup to help you through the cold windy days……

Slow cooker Lasagne

Never tried lasagne in the slow cooker? well, now is the time to try it. Now or never….. and now really is the best time with these chilly days.

Black kale with bacon, garlic + rosemary

Kale is a vegetable I only got introduced to after I started cooking fro the family. It’s a lovely fresh change to either spinach or something like cauliflower.


Pumpkin pancakes

Still looking for something to do with all that left over pumpkin? Here’s a recipe you never thought you’d need (or do!). Try it out and give our kids pancakes they never thought they’d eat!

Fish pie with spinach recipe

We eat a lot of spinach in the family. We particularly like thefres smallleaf, and hardly ever cook it, but here’s a wonderful fish pie recipe that also allows us to eat our favourite vegetable, spinach!

Chocolate sponge cake recipe

Seeing as everyone like chocolate cake, here’s another recipe for one. It’s not the 5 minute cake you can do in the microwave, but it’s just as yummy!

Belvita Breakfast Yogurt Crunch

Overall I like the product, it is well packaged, you get two biscuits in each foil, just the right amount, the rest don’t go stale in the box as they are individually wrapped which I liked. It also makes the product very portable, and for a busy Mum that’s great. I’d eat it again.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe

Yet another way to use up that pumpkin you’ve left over from Halloween or Thanksgiving, or any of the other reasons you have surplus pumpkin in your house!

Root vegetable bobotie with spiced cabbage

Bobotie is a spiced dish from South Africa, originally using leftover meat. This one is a veggie version and uses up any odds and ends of root veg.

Sticky apple compote

Sticky apple compote –Compote (French for “mixture”) is a dessert originating from 17th century France made of whole or pieces of fruit in sugar syrup. Whole fruits are immersed in water and with sugar and spices added to the dish, over gentle heat. (Wikipaedia)

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