Vegetarian Chow Mein

Vegetable chow mein

Whilst still on the hunt for interesting vegetarian meals, I came across this one. I really like stir fry food, and I like crisp vegetables, and all the kids love noodles, so I guess this one works. You could cook some diced chicken on the side and all to the carnivore family member plates I guess….

Ingredients (Serves 4):
• 16 carrots, chopped into small pieces
• 2 Broccoli, chopped into small pieces
• 10 spring onions, finely sliced
• 700g Chow Mein noodles
• 500g bean sprouts
• 4 tablespoons Sesame oil
• 8 tablespoons Soy sauce
• Salt and pepper
• Sunflower oil

Cook the Chow Mein noodles in a large pan of boiling water, until they are al dente.

Rinse with plenty of cold water, drain thoroughly and set aside.

Heat a wok over a high heat.

Add one tablespoon of sunflower oil and heat until very hot and slightly smoking.

Add the spring onions and stir-fry until golden-brown.

Then add the bean sprouts and the chopped carrots and broccoli.

Finally, add the noodles, Soy sauce and sesame oil.

Once the noodles have warmed through season to taste with salt and pepper and serve immediately.

Easier to eat them in a bowl with a spoon and a fork.

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