Warm chicken salad

The other day we had left over grilled chicken and it was lunch time. So I had to think what I could feed the children and myself that would not be boring, that would be filling, and that was quick.


warm chicken salad

  Hence the warm chicken salad.

  1 x grilled chicken breast cut up

1  x iceberg lettuce leaves chopped

5 x basil leaves

3 x asparagus spearc chopped

2 x salad onions chopped

Warm up the chicken and include the asparagus in that bowl when you do so they    get a little tender.

Mix everything together and season with balsamic vinegar and olive oil if you like that kind of thing. ( I do).

Kids quite like the warm chicken with the colder leaves, and mine love chicken anyway. It takes me about 10 minutes to chop and make.


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