What to eat for a healthy snack…

Healthy fruit

Healthy fruit

As a VERY busy Mom, I find myself ‘snacking’ rather than eating decent good meals. I find that the best way to deal with this is to eat healthy,  quick snack food, so I keep things in the cupboard that allows me to take ‘handfuls’ or mouthfuls of food.

I keep Pine nuts, Pistachios, Oranges, Mandarins, Clementine’s, beef jerky (or Biltong), olives, sundried tomatoes  and dried Mango.

All these allow me to snack on these during the day.

A quick snack for breakfast is a slice of toast with a  fish spread on it –   like sardines, a bit of mayonnaise, olives and chopped red onion on top. Cut into squares and MUNCH!

What I don’t want to teach my kids though, is to snack like me. My son is VERY bad with eating his school lunch. It’s far more important to get in onto the football match on the field than it is to eat.

SO, I have to pack his lunch very carefully, and make sure his school lunch is packed with ‘very quick food’. As the school is a ‘nut free zone’ I can’t send his favourite Pistachios etc, but what I do send is the following:  Raspberries, Strawberries, Corn bites, boiled egg and a bit of Salami every few days.

Generally he can throw his hand in, grab a handful and throw it in his mouth as he runs onto the field. It’s no substitute for good eating, but I can’t control everything. I substitute the fruit with raisins and dates sometimes, but if we have lovely fresh fruit, I use it up so that we don’t waste it.

I try really hard not to put in the processed fruit you can buy in the stores unless I am desperate or run out of time. Fresh fruits sugar is fine, but I find those are so full of sugar they send my kids up the walls!

What is really good is when I have time to make homemade food, with one of my old homemade recipes. Then the kids can help, we can all enjoy a chat in the kitchen, and life seems a bit more ‘chilled’.  Ahh, I must try to find more of those!

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