The more premissive you are,the bigger the trouble ahead

If kids think you think it’s ok, then they will try it! 40% of 15 year-olds have experienced being drunk twice  – or so they say. Well….. I’ not sure what kids they are talking about, because as a parent I know where my kids are. Sometimes I see kids walking along the street at […]

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LiLo sobs – boo-hoo!!

So  the judge decided to follow through on the court order , and FINALLY not give the celebrity special treatment. Someone give this judge a MEDAL !  Or the keys to the city or something! Why does Lindsay have to go to jail? Cos she failed to attend alcohol education classes, which were part of […]

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George Michael at it again….

C’mon George, give it a rest ! Get off the drugs / booze and get a bloody life! We are SO sick ofyou going through life, crashing, getting off lightly, doing it all over again, and then we buy your music and you benefit from out hard earned money!!

Lindsay Lohan as a role model? Gimme a break!….

It’s a very disturbing idea that someone like Lindsay Lohan could be viewed as being someone you’d like to grow up to be like. What with her excessive lifestyle, abuse of substances, and general bad behaviour, why would a child want to be like that? Because she’s famous.

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