Chicken in Red wine sauce

Chicken in Red wine sauce. This chicken will turn out delicious, tender and is really nice at a dinner party.

Cottage Pie

My daughter loves cottage pie – in fact, it’s what she wants for dinner tonight. So here’s a recipe I use sometimes.
Try it out and tell me what you think?

Turkey Burgers with Cheddar

A delicious healthy alternative to the beef burger is the turkey burger. However, you can use either with this recipe…

Screaming banshee

The screaming banshee Mum

I think we are all yelling screaming banshees at some stage, but that does not define us. We are also loving, kind, thoughtful people, who, at times of great stress, lose it a a little.

“Where Has My Little Girl Gone?” – a book

For those of us struggling with the tweens, and particularly the female version of ourselves, this is a book recommended to all parents. I’d advise you to read it before they turn 7, and try to implement a few of the ideas as soon as possible. It’s likely this book will be well thumbed by the time they turn 13!

Breakfast Soup with Toast Fingers

Another interesting way to make breakfast a fun and entertaining meal for kids! This is rather left field for me , but now and then it’s good to try something TOTALLY different for those little ones…

How to Make Playdough

Great for friends coming over or cold days when you don’t want to go out now that Winter is here….Playdough and kids – yay!

The perfect recipe for a damp/ cold afternoon, or a great party item! Also great a a present in a sealed jar with a label on the front!

Boggle Flash – fun for the family

I was recently given a set of Boggle Flash to try out. On seeing Boggle Flash I was quite intrigued by the concept that 5 little tiles could recognise words when they were put together. So we tried it in all type of scenarios, as explained in the instructions.

The 5-letter game is quite hard, especially if given only one vowel.

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Toad in the whole with mustard crème fraiche sauce & pickled red cabbage

Winter is almost here. We need to stock up on wholesome food to see us through the winter and toad in the hole is one of the ultimate recipes that can help us squirrel away some calories for the impending cold months.

Ricotta and spinach lasagne

This is like canneloni, but made with Lasagne! My kids love lasagne, so it’s a real winner in our house.

Sweet chilli chicken Recipe

I love sweet chilli sauce – especially over a soft cheese like Philadelphia. However, I’ve never really tried it in anything else other than a stir fry, so I thought I’d try this mixture and see how it turned out… It’s YUM!

Lentil Stew

I have always struggled how to cook lentils, and what to do with them. Here is a stew to try, and it’s really quite easy.

Sea bass with minty vinaigrette

Mint and fish actually it works really well and adds summer freshness to the sea bass. It’s not commonly used, but the Moroccans have learnt how to make good use of mint and pout it in many of their dishes.

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