Moving baby to solids

Remember that your child does not need ‘tasty food’ as they have no idea what that is, so keep it plain and bland in the begining. It’s really all abou the textures more than the taste in the first 2 months.

Bacon, Chillli and Sage Pasta

I love chillis. The more I eat the more I want basically, which is not good when you are cooking for kids. However, they love bacon, so maybe this is for everyone….

Baked Apple and buttermilk pudding

Need a dessert in a hurry? This can be made in less than half an hour ! I love quick and easy puddings, and some how I always have extra apples in the house! My kind of dessert!

Life is like Granola

Life is like Granola…

So, how does that translate to life? Well, look at it this way… Take your basic oats, flat, lightly coloured and ‘lifeless’ unless added to a bit of ‘nuts’ which we all have in us. We’re all a bit nutty in some way, whether it’s refusing to walk on cracks, or strongly opposing some rules, or liking singing in the shower full belt.

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