Letter to my Sister

I guess you need to have a sibling who doesn’t give a shit to understand the hurt and emotions coursing through my mind. Told him I am grieving for the death of my family. He thinks that’s dramatic, but it’s how I feel. Deep down inside.

My son is growing up.

What he warns parents against specifically is confusing puberty with maturity. What he tells parents is that the physical changes signal the end of puberty, but the child may still be in a younger emotional age. In other words, don’t confuse puberty, which is physical, with adolescence, which is a process of maturing both physically and emotionally.

You can achieve a better you

Lets talk about self improvement.

But my question really is …. When did common sense die? When did the need to do better / be better die?

Adult spaces

I am amazed at how much of your life kids take over. I know they are a huge part of your life, but who said they have to take over your life?

More than that. They take over your life spaces.

Words of Bob Marley

If she’s too easy it’s not worth it ….you gotta feel the pain to get the gain.
I’m worth every tear!!

Wigwam fun

The kids had fun building it – the dog had fun in it , and the adults liked watching the process.

How much is a mum worth?

But we all know that Mums are seriously underestimated, especially in their monetary value. So, I got a lovely chap to send me (what they think is) the true value of a Mum.

Schwartz Recipe Inspirations

Schwartz’s new Recipe Inspirations Kit

So…. when Schwartz asked me to try out their new Recipe Inspirations Kit – I jumped at the chance. They sent me a few packs, and I got cooking.

Cheddar cheese, potato and leek quiche

Potato and leek quiche
I’ve been delivered a few extra leeks this week, due to the bumper crop received by the Organic Farm delivery I use. I get a delivery twice a month, but even at that rate, I can’t eat that many leeks, so no I have to find other ways to use them up.

5 ways to save money (and make your kids save too!)

Everyone knows times are tough. just about every parent I know is struggling to meet the bills and pay for the extras. But how do you cut down when you’ve really cuts down so much?

Black kale with bacon, garlic + rosemary

Kale is a vegetable I only got introduced to after I started cooking fro the family. It’s a lovely fresh change to either spinach or something like cauliflower.

My 10 best presents this year (for me…)

Or am I being a bit bah humbug? Maybe I am, but it just feels like Christmas is much more about how much you send than what you buy these days. It’s a pity, but true.

Chocolate sponge cake recipe

Seeing as everyone like chocolate cake, here’s another recipe for one. It’s not the 5 minute cake you can do in the microwave, but it’s just as yummy!

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