Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe

Yet another way to use up that pumpkin you’ve left over from Halloween or Thanksgiving, or any of the other reasons you have surplus pumpkin in your house!

Root vegetable bobotie with spiced cabbage

Bobotie is a spiced dish from South Africa, originally using leftover meat. This one is a veggie version and uses up any odds and ends of root veg.

Parma Ham Honey Roasted Pumpkin Canapés

Sometimes you have to try something you wouldn’t normally have easily to hand at home , and go get the ingredients to make it. So here you go …try this delicate canapé of spiced roasted pumpkin wedges wrapped in Parma Ham.

Spicy Chicken Wings

Adults love them and for children, you could always do a few with regular chutney instead of chilli sauce, or honey too, so it’s not hot, but still delicious!!

Roast pumpkin soup with blue cheese

Not sure what to do with all those extra pumpkins? Or not sure what to do with all the insides of pumpkins you have from the carvings? Here’s a wonderful idea!

Broad beans, Feta and crisp Parma ham with lemon dressing

Broad beans work wonderfully with these bold flavours. Feta has that amazing salty taste, and the lemon cuts a ‘zing ‘ right through it all.

Pork Chops with Crème Fraiche and whole grain mustard

I try to vary meals between Pork, chicken, red meat and vegetarian. Pork can be dry if cooked too long, but the crème fraiche in this recipe make it succulent and stunning! You can also use chicken instead of pork, and mascarpone instead of crème fraiche. Give it a whirl!

Sardines stuffed with spinach and olives

Serve with cherry tomatoes that have been baked with fresh rosemary in the oven.

Delicious, and full of Omega 6!

Glazed Roast Gammon Recipe

I do really love Gammon. It’s a great roast, it has a subtle sweetness about it, and that salty taste adds a real zing.
Great on a Sunday for a family roast around the table.

Cobweb Fudge with Chocolate Spiders

There can’t be anything better than fudge. Sickly sweet, but you can never get enough. Here’s a Halloween idea.

Grilled Chicken with Hazelnuts

The combination of nuts and fruit really works with the peppery lentils, and the tangy orange juice.

Coconut ice cream

Gluten and wheat free ice cream with a twist – lots of coconut. Not sure if nut allergic people can eat coconut, so please be aware of that ( just in case).

Chicken in Red wine sauce

Chicken in Red wine sauce. This chicken will turn out delicious, tender and is really nice at a dinner party.

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