Tagliatelle with Ragu and Italian sausage

Ok, so I admit I am not a big one for pasta, and I think some Italian dishes are such a production, you are often too exhausted to eat them afterwards. However, my family seems to think they are great, so he’re’s one with Italian sausage you can try.

For an excellent tasting sauce for this dish of pasta with sausages, be sure to use fresh ones from a butcher or a good Italian deli.

Grilled Tuna with Quinoa

Grilled Tuna is one of the most healthy meals you could serve. It is high in Omega 3, it is also a tasty fish as well. Remember that you should but from fish dealers that only sell responsibly caught fish – that means no dredging or large trawler type companies preferably. We need to look after our fish resources.

Moving baby to solids

Remember that your child does not need ‘tasty food’ as they have no idea what that is, so keep it plain and bland in the begining. It’s really all abou the textures more than the taste in the first 2 months.

Eggy Bread

I forget how good this is. The kids have always loved this meal on a Sunday morning, but on a really lazy week night I offer this because it’s protein, calcium and carbs all in one package!!

Chicken Nuggets

How To Make Chicken Nuggets – great finger food!

Chicken nuggets can be partnered up with, salad or on their own with a saucy dip. A real favourite with the kids! You can also get the kids involved in the making of them and see if their creativity can equal your taste temptation!

Potato Salads

Potato Salad

This can be a finger food for the little ones, if you are brave. It’s a great way to use up extra boiled potatoes ( I always seem to cook too much!), and is a great fresh salad for summer.

a skill for all

A Mum in AWE moment…

Whilst attending a school camp yesterday (for 8 and 9 year olds), and last night, having been called in to helping with the Barbecue (I did offer), I was amazed at the conversations around the camp.

mashed potato

Toddlers and kids love to smash stuff – do potatoes count?

Most kids love to grind and smash stuff, so let them help smash all the things you can think of – in the KITCHEN! Food , of course, like potatoes, for MASHED potatoes. I make mashed potatoes for my baby, and although it becomes more of a Finger food, it’s a great meal for them.

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