Oysters are great

Sometimes you just have to get out and have some oysters. Now I LOVE oysters, I could eat them every day i think. I think. Too much of a good thing may not be good.

Fish pie with spinach recipe

We eat a lot of spinach in the family. We particularly like thefres smallleaf, and hardly ever cook it, but here’s a wonderful fish pie recipe that also allows us to eat our favourite vegetable, spinach!

Red Mullet with a Ratatouille Sauce

I was recently in France, and at one of the restaurants I had the most tasty succulent Red Mullet and Ratatouille. Here is the recipe I tried at home to try replicate that gorgeous meal.

Fish Burgers for kids

Fishburgers – seeing as burgers are things kids love to eat, why not make them the healthy option?
They are tasty, healthy and fun!!

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Cod with Mustard Sauce

I love fish. Almost any fish, with or without sauce. Grilled, steamed or poached it all works for me, and Cod is a lovely succulent fish. Make sure it is responsibly fished though!

Sea bass with minty vinaigrette

Mint and fish actually it works really well and adds summer freshness to the sea bass. It’s not commonly used, but the Moroccans have learnt how to make good use of mint and pout it in many of their dishes.

Grilled Tuna with Quinoa

Grilled Tuna is one of the most healthy meals you could serve. It is high in Omega 3, it is also a tasty fish as well. Remember that you should but from fish dealers that only sell responsibly caught fish – that means no dredging or large trawler type companies preferably. We need to look after our fish resources.

Healthy fruit

What to eat for a healthy snack…

As a VERY busy Mom, I find myself ‘snacking’ rather than eating decent good meals. I find that the best way to deal with this is to eat healthy, quick snack food, so I keep things in the cupboard that allows me to take ‘handfuls’ or mouthfuls of food.


BP Dividends cancelled

What is interesting, is that there have been some people saying that when oil spills happen, people don’t fish in that area, and that continues as the clean – up is happening, and consequently, the fish numbers increase.

Feta Spinach Pie Slice

Spinach and Feta Pie

My kids love this. Luckily they love spinach too. Sometimes we have it accompanying a piece of fish, like Salmon, or Tuna, or otherwise we’ll simply have it as a main meal. Sometimes nice with fresh sliced tomatoes on the side.

sardines and lemon

Fish Recipe ( Sardines)

I always struggle to get my children to eat the very oily fish. There are some great fish recipes out there, but I like my kids to eat Sardines now and then. We seem to have managed to get them to like Salmon, and now I am really trying to get them to like Sardines, Pilchards and Tuna.

Tuna & Sweetcorn

Tuna Pepper & Sweetcorn Pancakes

Tuna Pepper and Sweetcorn Pancakes Recipe for kids, this makes a tasty and healthy fish recipe for kids.

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