Easy Bacon Carbonara

My son cooks in school every Thursday. Generally I manage to hear about what he needs on a Wednesday evening. That means I need to have the ingredients to hand, which I normally don’t. So here’s an easy Bacon Carbonara.

Glazed Roast Gammon Recipe

I do really love Gammon. It’s a great roast, it has a subtle sweetness about it, and that salty taste adds a real zing.
Great on a Sunday for a family roast around the table.


Hamburgers are great to have now and then. We hardly ever eat them, (I’m not so big on wheat / bread), so when we do, it’s a real treat.

Focaccia Bread with Caramelized Onion

I recently bought some bread flour with the aim of making Foccacia bread. I’ve seen my sister do it before, it looked very easy, but she had done a 12 week cooking course, so that must have helped a lot.

Anyway, one has to take the plunge, so here you go, try this, it’s yummy with the caramelized Onion.

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Cod with Mustard Sauce

I love fish. Almost any fish, with or without sauce. Grilled, steamed or poached it all works for me, and Cod is a lovely succulent fish. Make sure it is responsibly fished though!

Salmon and Marscapone

Hot smoked Salmon and Marscapone Pasta

I love salmon as a fish to eat. I basically like all fish, but I think the colour of the Salmon once cooked is lovely and particularly appealing on a plate. This is an easy, quick meal for the family.


BP Dividends cancelled

What is interesting, is that there have been some people saying that when oil spills happen, people don’t fish in that area, and that continues as the clean – up is happening, and consequently, the fish numbers increase.

sardines and lemon

Fish Recipe ( Sardines)

I always struggle to get my children to eat the very oily fish. There are some great fish recipes out there, but I like my kids to eat Sardines now and then. We seem to have managed to get them to like Salmon, and now I am really trying to get them to like Sardines, Pilchards and Tuna.

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