"Psychic" Octopus Paul had again the correct prediction before the match

The Octopus was right – again

Paul the Octupus did it again.  He predicted that Spain would win the match last night – and they did! Boy, I wish I had put money on that game. On every game the Octopus called – I may be a bit richer than I am now! As 300,000 German fans packed into the so-called “Fan Mile” […]

YAY England are through

YAY England !!

Through to the last 16 England pulled out all the stops when they really needed to.

Healthy fruit

What to eat for a healthy snack…

As a VERY busy Mom, I find myself ‘snacking’ rather than eating decent good meals. I find that the best way to deal with this is to eat healthy, quick snack food, so I keep things in the cupboard that allows me to take ‘handfuls’ or mouthfuls of food.

Braai anyone?

SA vs Uruguay – what a washout!

No wonder the Uruguay flag is smiling! They slaughtered SA by 3 goals to nothing.

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