The disease of ‘more’

Because what we have never is enough – no matter how much you want, you what more, so in your mind, you always have less. The wanting or ‘more’ is leading to greed on a global scale. Clearly not a healthy way to live or think.

5 ways to save money (and make your kids save too!)

Everyone knows times are tough. just about every parent I know is struggling to meet the bills and pay for the extras. But how do you cut down when you’ve really cuts down so much?

My 10 best presents this year (for me…)

Or am I being a bit bah humbug? Maybe I am, but it just feels like Christmas is much more about how much you send than what you buy these days. It’s a pity, but true.

10 tips to teaching your kids good money habits

If kids don’t have control of money before adulthood, they learn that money will always be provided for them, that they don’t have to be responsible for their spending or their future.

Treating tweens

Treating tweens

Tweens have pester power and disposable income (pocket money or ‘keep happy’ money in some cases), and that makes them powerful.

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