How much is a mum worth?

But we all know that Mums are seriously underestimated, especially in their monetary value. So, I got a lovely chap to send me (what they think is) the true value of a Mum.

Belvita Breakfast Yogurt Crunch

Overall I like the product, it is well packaged, you get two biscuits in each foil, just the right amount, the rest don’t go stale in the box as they are individually wrapped which I liked. It also makes the product very portable, and for a busy Mum that’s great. I’d eat it again.

Broad beans, Feta and crisp Parma ham with lemon dressing

Broad beans work wonderfully with these bold flavours. Feta has that amazing salty taste, and the lemon cuts a ‘zing ‘ right through it all.

Coconut ice cream

Gluten and wheat free ice cream with a twist – lots of coconut. Not sure if nut allergic people can eat coconut, so please be aware of that ( just in case).

Christmas pudding

My Man loves Christmas pudding. He likes mince pies too, and so in order to keep him happy, we have both. I’ve already done the mince pies, ( more to come, don’t worry), and he’ll be getting Christmas pudding at the Christmas party, so that’s great, but if you need a recipe, look no further….

Rice Noodles with Beef Mince

Rice noodles are mainly made from rice-flour and water and best known to be used in Asian cuisine. They are healthy, and quick to make.

Sausage Casserole

Ever wanted a wheat free, gluten free and dairy free recipe? Well here you have it! Protein and vegetables only in this delicious sausage casserole.

Indian Style Cauliflower Salad

Cauliflower is a much used and favourable vegetable in delicious Indian cuisine. This salad is quick and easy.

Lentil and Bacon Pasta

We love bacon in out family, and other than the traditional Bacon buttie on a Saturday morning, this is a great meal for everyone to enjoy – and get great vitamens into the kids too!

Tagliatelle with Ragu and Italian sausage

Ok, so I admit I am not a big one for pasta, and I think some Italian dishes are such a production, you are often too exhausted to eat them afterwards. However, my family seems to think they are great, so he’re’s one with Italian sausage you can try.

For an excellent tasting sauce for this dish of pasta with sausages, be sure to use fresh ones from a butcher or a good Italian deli.

Sweet chilli chicken Recipe

I love sweet chilli sauce – especially over a soft cheese like Philadelphia. However, I’ve never really tried it in anything else other than a stir fry, so I thought I’d try this mixture and see how it turned out… It’s YUM!

Recipe to bringing up great kids.

So when in a tiff, or about to lose your mind, go for a walk and remember ‘Patience’. Maybe use it as your Mantra – and I hope it helps!

How much is enough?

How much pocket money is the right amount?

Now that some of the children in our social circle have children that are old enough to start getting a bit of pocket money, the subject has arisen in the playground amongst the mums.

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