Healthy fruit

What to eat for a healthy snack…

As a VERY busy Mom, I find myself ‘snacking’ rather than eating decent good meals. I find that the best way to deal with this is to eat healthy, quick snack food, so I keep things in the cupboard that allows me to take ‘handfuls’ or mouthfuls of food.

Bonding with your bump

To bond or not to have bonded……that is the bump.

My first pregnancy was not all that first pregnancies are meant to be.
Basically, I struggled a lot.

Not because I was pregnant, or because I was ill, or too big, or any of the normal complaints.

Simply because I was pregnant.


Mum in the summer sun

t’s finally the gorgeous summer time that we all love. We all look forward to Summer arriving, and here it is. The sun is shining, the weather is great, and everyone seems much happier.

Summer is also the time we go on holiday, sit out in the sun, start swimming again, and enjoying the outdoor elements.

UK Parenting Law

Laws regarding children and parenting

The new Government has decided we should consider what laws we need thrown out. They are asking us to decide which laws are not good, or no longer valid, or in some cases, just plain stupid. Well, there are millions of laws, so let’s just look at one that I think is stupid.

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