Dairy Free Banana Pancakes

Luckily none of my family is dairy intolerant. Amazing, because as a child I drank so much milk I am amazed my body didn’t decide to rebel against me! Anyway, I do know a few friends who have babies and toddlers that are dairy intolerant and having a simple meal like pancakes sometimes is a real no-no.

Bacon And Chives

Bacon and Chive Pancakes

A twist on Pancakes, normally we do Bacon butties on a Saturday morning, but if you have extra bacon lying around, or frozen pancakes, then give this one a shot.

chicken pancake

Chicken Pancakes

Ever since my daughter came home and told us all about Shrove Tuesday, and insisted we had pancakes that night ( because it was Shrove Tuesday that night), my son has insisted we have pancakes every Tuesday night.


Savoury Pancakes

Delicious Savoury Pancakes for you.
It is very easy to cook these pancakes.

Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry vanilla pancakes

Every time summer comes around and the Blueberries come into the stores, I pick up as many as I can. I can’t stop my daughter from eating them, and I’m not complaining!! My kids have never been shy at eating fresh fruit, never mind their 5 – a – day, they are more like 10 – a – day!!

Tuna & Sweetcorn

Tuna Pepper & Sweetcorn Pancakes

Tuna Pepper and Sweetcorn Pancakes Recipe for kids, this makes a tasty and healthy fish recipe for kids.

Pancakes with Summer Berries and Yoghurt

Pancakes with Summer Berries and Yoghurt

A delicious pancake recipe made with summer berries and Yoghurt which are rich anti-oxidants. This recipe a wonderful summer treat for your kids and perfect recipe for vegetarian kids.

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