Christmas pudding

My Man loves Christmas pudding. He likes mince pies too, and so in order to keep him happy, we have both. I’ve already done the mince pies, ( more to come, don’t worry), and he’ll be getting Christmas pudding at the Christmas party, so that’s great, but if you need a recipe, look no further….

Indian Style Cauliflower Salad

Cauliflower is a much used and favourable vegetable in delicious Indian cuisine. This salad is quick and easy.

Lentil and Bacon Pasta

We love bacon in out family, and other than the traditional Bacon buttie on a Saturday morning, this is a great meal for everyone to enjoy – and get great vitamens into the kids too!

Mushroom and Asparagus Quiche

This mushroom and asparagus quiche recipe has no milk ( it uses soy milk) and no eggs ( we use tofu instead) so can be cooked for vegans as well!

Sweet chilli chicken Recipe

I love sweet chilli sauce – especially over a soft cheese like Philadelphia. However, I’ve never really tried it in anything else other than a stir fry, so I thought I’d try this mixture and see how it turned out… It’s YUM!

Lentil Stew

I have always struggled how to cook lentils, and what to do with them. Here is a stew to try, and it’s really quite easy.

Recipe to bringing up great kids.

So when in a tiff, or about to lose your mind, go for a walk and remember ‘Patience’. Maybe use it as your Mantra – and I hope it helps!

Male Au Pairs – Should you have them?

The next year we looked again, and one of the options was a male. Now, I had never considered a male, but having had 3 females in the house for 5 (ish) years, and hormones ever on the increase as my daughter got older, I seriously considered a male Au pair.

It takes a big man to say sorry

The other day I asked my son to say sorry to my partner. My son had had a bit of a temper outburst, and he’d yelled. One of the rules in the house is no shouting and yelling, and this broke the rules. Hence my request.

Awe inspiring crumpets by Mum!

Homemade Crumpets

Nothing better than crumpets on a lazy Sunday morning.
These are great, I usually make a load and freeze them, then bring them out, thaw them and toast them on a Sunday morning.

Potty training

Every child is different. Don’t panic if it takes them a while – they will get it eventually. Just ask, praise and encourage, and when you eventually migrate to the toilet, get them a step to make it easier for them.

Being a DAD

Remember, babies don’t differentiate between mum and dad. They just want warmth, security and comfort, and will take it from anyone! Apart from breastfeeding, there is nothing a mother can do that a dad can’t do, so don’t feel inferior.

Things you take for granted before you have kids..

I guess the ‘joys’ of having kids are meant to outweigh these, but when you are used to them it sure does feel a bit tough when they are gone!

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