Princely Pasta

I have a lot of pasta in the house and I very rarely know what to do with it. Here is another pasta recipe for you to try that takes 10 minutes to do (once the pasta is cooked).

Lentil and Bacon Pasta

We love bacon in out family, and other than the traditional Bacon buttie on a Saturday morning, this is a great meal for everyone to enjoy – and get great vitamens into the kids too!

Tagliatelle with Ragu and Italian sausage

Ok, so I admit I am not a big one for pasta, and I think some Italian dishes are such a production, you are often too exhausted to eat them afterwards. However, my family seems to think they are great, so he’re’s one with Italian sausage you can try.

For an excellent tasting sauce for this dish of pasta with sausages, be sure to use fresh ones from a butcher or a good Italian deli.

Ricotta and spinach lasagne

This is like canneloni, but made with Lasagne! My kids love lasagne, so it’s a real winner in our house.

Bacon, Chillli and Sage Pasta

I love chillis. The more I eat the more I want basically, which is not good when you are cooking for kids. However, they love bacon, so maybe this is for everyone….

Seafood, Artichoke and Mint Pasta – quick meal

Seafood, Artichokes and Mint -where can one go wrong? – when you don’t have much time and you need to throw together a quick meal for the whole family. Providing you have the ingredients, this can be thrown together in less than 25 mins!

Pasta and Butternut

Butternut Squash and Sage pasta

If your kids don’t like Butternut, but do like pasta (like mine) then try this out for a recipe to combine the two!

Pasta Cheese

Pasta and cheese

We’ve just recently been on holiday. We went to France, and it was truly wonderful. However, as we all know, travelling with children is always a challenge. This trip was rather more challenging, as there was a child on the trip I had not spent time with, and to add to that he was vegetarian.

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