You keep me believing….

IT’s bloody hard to do, and basically, it’s crap. We feel MUCH better if people, OTHER people tell us how awesome we are.

My son is growing up.

What he warns parents against specifically is confusing puberty with maturity. What he tells parents is that the physical changes signal the end of puberty, but the child may still be in a younger emotional age. In other words, don’t confuse puberty, which is physical, with adolescence, which is a process of maturing both physically and emotionally.

You can achieve a better you

Lets talk about self improvement.

But my question really is …. When did common sense die? When did the need to do better / be better die?

Words of Bob Marley

If she’s too easy it’s not worth it ….you gotta feel the pain to get the gain.
I’m worth every tear!!

Book review – The Sibling Effect

Coming form a large family of boys himself, Jeffrey Kluger offers some personal insights that are both amusing, and in some ways similar to our own sibling relationships.

Older and wiser or not?

Basically it’s because you are in two different world, brought up in different eras, and with most likely different values. It’s not that you are not compatible, it’ s just that overcoming the differences is quite hard once the initial attraction wanes a bit.

You and Your Tween: Help Your Child Enjoy Their Pre-teen Years

‘You and your Tween’ has some valuable insights on how to handle most of the issues, if not all, but the more valuable stuff, for me, was reading the real life experiences of other parents, from the Netmums site.

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