frustrated mum

Manners can be taught but not imposed

But the fact that other kids walk INTO my house, and don’t understand that some type of manners are required, beggars me.

How much is a mum worth?

But we all know that Mums are seriously underestimated, especially in their monetary value. So, I got a lovely chap to send me (what they think is) the true value of a Mum.

Teenage secrets

These days we tend to hand it all to the kids, and they expect it. The parents that don’t do this will win in the end. Those kids will succeed, will prosper, and will feel proud members of society.

Are tweens terriffic or terrible?

So your child is not a toddler, and not a teenager, what are they? Other than unrecognisable when they throw a tantrum, or are being very difficult, but not in that usual ‘toddler way’. Your child is now a TWEEN. Congratulations!

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