Long holidays with teenagers

Movies are expensive – days in the park don’t interest teenagers. Xbox does. Holidays can become expensive.

shadowboxing cat

What do you think of ‘selfies’?

If you are posting pictures of yourself in every bathing costume you own, on everey holiday , in every country, at every party, with every dress or occaision possible – GET OVER IT AND STOP.
NO-ONE is that gorgeous. Glad you think you are, but really, we don’t.

Effective teen parenting – communication

Now is no time for “it’s too late” or ” the damage is already done” unless you are ok with copping out on your childs life. Get help, talk to other parents, listen to other adults, get advice, and work on it.

Teenage secrets

These days we tend to hand it all to the kids, and they expect it. The parents that don’t do this will win in the end. Those kids will succeed, will prosper, and will feel proud members of society.

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