You and Your Tween: Help Your Child Enjoy Their Pre-teen Years

‘You and your Tween’ has some valuable insights on how to handle most of the issues, if not all, but the more valuable stuff, for me, was reading the real life experiences of other parents, from the Netmums site.

“Where Has My Little Girl Gone?” – a book

For those of us struggling with the tweens, and particularly the female version of ourselves, this is a book recommended to all parents. I’d advise you to read it before they turn 7, and try to implement a few of the ideas as soon as possible. It’s likely this book will be well thumbed by the time they turn 13!

Broken shoes

How do you do this to shoes???

How does a kid take perfectly good shoes and get them to this stage in 4 short weeks?

Treating tweens

Treating tweens

Tweens have pester power and disposable income (pocket money or ‘keep happy’ money in some cases), and that makes them powerful.

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