Cheddar cheese, potato and leek quiche

Potato and leek quiche
I’ve been delivered a few extra leeks this week, due to the bumper crop received by the Organic Farm delivery I use. I get a delivery twice a month, but even at that rate, I can’t eat that many leeks, so no I have to find other ways to use them up.


Winter minestrone

Had enough of all that food over Xmas? Overdone your eating on ham, turkey, sausages and meat in general? Here’s a vegetarian soup to help you through the cold windy days……

Black kale with bacon, garlic + rosemary

Kale is a vegetable I only got introduced to after I started cooking fro the family. It’s a lovely fresh change to either spinach or something like cauliflower.


Pumpkin pancakes

Still looking for something to do with all that left over pumpkin? Here’s a recipe you never thought you’d need (or do!). Try it out and give our kids pancakes they never thought they’d eat!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe

Yet another way to use up that pumpkin you’ve left over from Halloween or Thanksgiving, or any of the other reasons you have surplus pumpkin in your house!

Root vegetable bobotie with spiced cabbage

Bobotie is a spiced dish from South Africa, originally using leftover meat. This one is a veggie version and uses up any odds and ends of root veg.

Broad beans, Feta and crisp Parma ham with lemon dressing

Broad beans work wonderfully with these bold flavours. Feta has that amazing salty taste, and the lemon cuts a ‘zing ‘ right through it all.

Vegetarian Chow Mein

Some evenings I am just looking for easy meals, chow mein is one of those! This one is good for vegetarian, it’s light, filling, and healthy.

Hot Apple Cider

I have never had hot apple cider – I’ve had normal cider, but this is one the kids can drink as well cos it has no alcohol! These warm, tasty drinks will keep them from bouncing off the walls, as well as heat them up after a crisp Autumn evening.

Lentil Stew

I have always struggled how to cook lentils, and what to do with them. Here is a stew to try, and it’s really quite easy.

Eggy Bread

I forget how good this is. The kids have always loved this meal on a Sunday morning, but on a really lazy week night I offer this because it’s protein, calcium and carbs all in one package!!

Leek and Mushroom Pasta Bake

My kids are begining to like mushrooms ( well, one anyway) and now it’s time to show them the wonder of Leeks, so here’s a recipe that combines both – and is delicious to boot.

Feta Spinach Pie Slice

Spinach and Feta Pie

My kids love this. Luckily they love spinach too. Sometimes we have it accompanying a piece of fish, like Salmon, or Tuna, or otherwise we’ll simply have it as a main meal. Sometimes nice with fresh sliced tomatoes on the side.

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