Goodby Madibe – Hamba Kahle

Nelson Mandela

Today is the memorial service for Nelson Mandela. A man that brought peace and humility to a presidency.
A man that was pro- violence, and then changed to pro- conversation and reconciliation.

Obama made a wonderful speech.

What we forgot is that Mandela saw no person above another. He wanted everyone to prosper.

I am horrified by what the current Presidency is doing – and how he is raping the country. It’s no wonder he’s sitting by the Chinese seeing as he’s so far in bed with them on the mines and in the country….

The coverage is excellent, the SABC is doing a great job of cutting off the feed at times when it would look bad on Zuma ( the current president).

Rest in Peace Madiba…. I hope you are chatting to my Dad, you’ll love each other!

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