BP Dividends cancelled


BP cancels Dividends

They cancelled the dividends – oh no!  What am I going to do without my £13.89? Yes, I declare I have shares in BP, oh woe is me. However, prior to the huge oil spill problem, they were a great share with regular dividends.

They pay me £13 (ish) about 3  times a year, and seeing as I have very little else coming in other than part time jobs, I quite like them paying me  a bit every year.

The theory is that if you can buy good shares, and keep buying them, they’ll increase in value and pay you a little every year.  Now I don’t even get the little bit!

On Bloomberg, Jason Kenney of ING said:

“This move protects the long-term value of BP and draws a line in the sand for the speculation and wild uncertainty that’s been thrown around…This doesn’t mean the downfall of BP; it can get through this.”

I always believed that BP could pay the costs of damage, and recompense the people affected. Actually, despite the bad press of the oil companies, BP is a rather good egg that way.

I still believe they’ll recover from this disaster, and hopefully sooner, rather than later, I’ll get my dividends back.

What is interesting, is that there have been some people saying that when oil spills happen, people don’t fish in that area, and that continues as the clean – up is happening, and consequently, the fish numbers increase.

Now, that’s good news, hopefully all those fish will be given a break from being relentlessly chased around to make food like these fish recipes!!

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