Is Pakistan having a flood of ‘Biblical’ proportions?

courtesy of BBC website

If  almost one third of your country is flooded, and disease is increasing, and flooding is rife, does one not look at that (if one were religious) and say it’s like the biblical floods in the bible?

The reason I say this in not because I am religious, but because I took my kids to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat written by Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice, and in it they have dreams, which Joseph interprets.

He interperets feasts, and famine, and good years and bad years, all brought on by God, I assume.  Well, if  it could happen then , it can happen now.

I guess a scientific person would be able to argue that disasters such as these are cyclical, and I’ve not researched when the last big flood in Pakistan was, but I guess we could find out, and say that it happens every say, 100 years, so people should be prepared.  So too then, should they be prepared for the disease etc that follows these occurrences.

However, they seem not to be prepared.  They also seem not to expect floods, or have aid ready, or enough money to deal with the crisis ( hop in 1st world aid agencies and governments, kinds like the Bank of Dad ( BOD)).

Or, a more radical view would be that they are being punished for bad deeds, like terror attacks in London, or other places.

Whilst I understand some people would take great joy in imagining that, I have to say I am feeling terribly sorry for the very poor people who live on the land, have a simple way of life, and are not part of the more radical factions. Who did they harm in their simple lives?  Why do they have to suffer these terrible things, when they don’t have much in the beginning?

I don’t have all the answers, my aim is simply to ask some questions, or to think about things in a different way, and to feel empathy for those that will lose their lives, or family members. Life is cruel sometimes, but I also think we don’t learn from our mistakes, or history, and I wonder when we will?

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