Great books for kids

A fantastic series of books written by John Flanagan for kids to read. My son really loves them and has told me so much that I decided to try read them too.

I love them! They are fun, great teach great morals, and have lovely adventurous stories. Get them from your library, or click these links to buy them on Amazon.

Enjoying a date

Is technology killing your relationship?

Are you like me and HATE how technology has come between you and your partner? How it’s inveigled itself into your conversation ( or now lack of it). How they check their screens all the time, dive on it when it buzzes. Run upstairs when it beeps – enough to just about break a leg.

Modern communication

Einstein was right

Albert Einstein:
“I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.”

My Child Won’t Eat – Book Review

He offers useful information, such as average weight gains, and potential needs, and he also explains that you needn’t panic when your children don’t want to eat, and why you shouldn’t panic.

Older and wiser or not?

Basically it’s because you are in two different world, brought up in different eras, and with most likely different values. It’s not that you are not compatible, it’ s just that overcoming the differences is quite hard once the initial attraction wanes a bit.

The Lions in Bournemouth

There are various artworks around Bournemouth that I am enjoying seeing. I thought I’d post a few up here for you to see. So enjoy!

Quotes for the day

Some brilliant quotes from brilliant people.
Like : “Don’t be so humble – you are not that great.”- Golda Meir (1898-1978) to a visiting diplomat

The Royal Wedding was BRILLIANT!

Ok, I have to admit in advance I love the pomp and ceremony of a Royal Wedding. I love the romance, the fairytale and the tear-jerking moments too, because it just appeals to the romantic in me.

This Royal Wedding was the best. It just goes to show, dreams DO come true!!

Seven things you should never do on Facebook

Seven things you should never do on Facebook. After all it’s good to know what not to do so you can be safe, and if you have kids on Facebook, please check they are making sure they are careful too!

App for time short- Mums

But I am ‘in happiness’ with the Intuition app. Download it , get your errands on it , calendar items, shopping list and Community stuff – it works! It’s easy too!
Seriously people, built by a Mum, for Mums – it ROCKS! Like someone was in my head!¬

New Years in London

This year I watched the London New Years Eve fireworks in the comfort of my own home on the couch. I was virtually comatose on the couch, so ill with flu that I could barely sit upright – but I did ( sort of).I had been woken up at 11:45pm so I could stumble downstairs to see the festivities. I was glad I did.

England lost cos we wouldn’t be corrupt…..

“England did not lose the right to host the 2018 World Cup because of the British media. It lost it precisely because of the corruption the British media has been fighting against. Both of yesterday’s votes stank. To high heaven.” Mirror

Is Pakistan having a flood of ‘Biblical’ proportions?

If almost one third of your country is flooded, and disease is increasing, and flooding is rife, does one not look at that (if one were religious) and say it’s like the biblical floods in the bible?

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