Black Friday is on at AMAZON


Is TV dumbing us down?

Whilst the final US Election 2016 result was a bit of a shock to me, I’ll admit, I am not terribly surprised it ended up this way.

I think this is what you get for taking culture, music and sports away from kids and letting them sit in front of screens all day.

Birthday presents

Looking for a present for me?
Here’s an idea …..

lady gaga singing toothbrush

Looking for new ideas for Christmas – of a dental nature?

When it comes to cleaning teeth – or even getting your kids to pick up a toothbrush?
I saw these Christmas ideas on a Dentists website and thought they’d be a great idea as a stocking filler.

The Black Friday Specials on Amazon

What is Black Friday I hear you say? Well Wiki says this : “Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. In recent years, most major retailers have opened extremely early and offered promotional sales to kick off the holiday shopping season, similar toBoxing Day sales […]

What NOT to buy in a car

Aren’t I the princess in trying to please other people?
So now I’m stuck with a huge tank (nice colour though), that I really don’t like.

Paradise – for sale in Seychelles – and Pictures

Looking for a stunning villa to buy on a private Island serviced by a seven star hotel ? Here it is!

Enjoying a date

Is technology killing your relationship?

Are you like me and HATE how technology has come between you and your partner? How it’s inveigled itself into your conversation ( or now lack of it). How they check their screens all the time, dive on it when it buzzes. Run upstairs when it beeps – enough to just about break a leg.

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