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England lost cos we wouldn’t be corrupt…..

“England did not lose the right to host the 2018 World Cup because of the British media. It lost it precisely because of the corruption the British media has been fighting against. Both of yesterday’s votes stank. To high heaven.” Mirror

"Psychic" Octopus Paul had again the correct prediction before the match

The Octopus was right – again

Paul the Octupus did it again.  He predicted that Spain would win the match last night – and they did! Boy, I wish I had put money on that game. On every game the Octopus called – I may be a bit richer than I am now! As 300,000 German fans packed into the so-called “Fan Mile” […]

YAY England are through

YAY England !!

Through to the last 16 England pulled out all the stops when they really needed to.

Braai anyone?

SA vs Uruguay – what a washout!

No wonder the Uruguay flag is smiling! They slaughtered SA by 3 goals to nothing.

Spain vs Switzerland

Oh dear what an upset!! Switzerland beat the European Champions!

There are grown men crying in their beers as you read!

Honduras vs Chile Match

Secon half and Chile have 1 – Honduras 0. My son is lying on the couch – he’s been vomiting all day, poor thing, and not even the World Cup is helping.

World cup 2010

World cup madness

Well, the first World Cup match is over. It’s a draw, which is actually better than I thought it would be. The host nation has never ever lost their first match ever. Luckily South Africa were not the ones to make that history.

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