SA vs Uruguay – what a washout!

Braai anyone?

Bafana ba-fools?

No wonder the Uruguay flag is smiling!  They slaughtered SA by 3 goals to nothing.

Oh dear those terribly ‘manly men’ who were flipping  beef burgers on the braai (South African word for barbecue), were weeping and wailing, or at least thumping their breasts  in a effort to get the lump out of their throats!!

Uruguay played better – no doubt about it.

My son even bet me that SA would not even score a goal!  How is that – such was his lack of faith in the team.
Beat SA I’d be a happy team if I were them, and I’d be looking at the Bafana team seriously if I were Carlos Ferreira! Considering how much he was paid to get them to this stage, they should be better than they are!  All those predictions on TV of 2 -1 to SA by the patriots there, were a joke.

U’re a GUY!
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2 Responses to “SA vs Uruguay – what a washout!”

  1. World Wide News Flash says:

    SA vs Uruguay ? what a washout!…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. Chris says:

    Maybe SA should have swopped goalies earlier, would have reduced the goal difference to something more manageable…

    Its a bird, no a plane…. no its actually a football flying over my head….DOH!

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