The Octopus was right – again

"Psychic" Octopus Paul had again the correct prediction before the match


Paul the Octupus did it again.  He predicted that Spain would win the match last night – and they did!

Boy, I wish I had put money on that game. On every game the Octopus called – I may be a bit richer than I am now!

As 300,000 German fans packed into the so-called “Fan Mile” behind the Brandenburg Gate to watch the semi-final on giant screens, and Germany beat England 4-1 and then thrashed Argentina 4-0 in last weekend’s quarter-final,  things were looking really good.

But the European champions just showed their mettle, and they fought on through. Their Captain Carles Puyol scored a goal, and sealed the Spanish, and German fate.

Oh well, we’ll be rooting for the Netherlands, purely cos it’ll be nice for a side who has never won, to in – at least once in their history.

Last night we ate  Frankfurters (sausages) in front of the TV, and now I’ll have to come up with a great dinner for the final – Paella fro the Spanish, or chips and mayonnaise for the Dutch???

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