World cup madness

World cup 2010

World cup 2010

Well, the first England vs (whoever) World Cup match is over. It’s a draw, which is actually better than I thought it would be.  The host nation has never ever lost their first match ever.  Luckily South Africa were not the ones to make that history.

As my son gets into World cup fever, and the TV is permanently on, and I am trying to watch the Aegon Tennis series at Queens ( yes I am tennis and cricket mad), I struggle to get the kids to eat decent meals at supper time.

Tonight I simply gave up, and let them eat cucumber, carrots, grapes, squares of cheese and a sausage roll whilst they watched the tennis match with me.

I am normally a real stickler for sitting at the table, eating properly with proper utensils, and not talking while your mouth is full.  In front of the TV the last rule still applies, but most of the others didn’t.  Heck, even we Mums have to give a little every now and then!

After all, it’s the weekend, and time for even me to chill!

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4 Responses to “World cup madness”

  1. Facefurny says:

    Group C was suprsing but Group D is really a mess right now. Anyone could pull out a win and advance

  2. Tennis says:

    Wonderful work on the article, thanks!

  3. Raye Freda says:

    discovered your web site on today and definitely liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some additional later ..

  4. KidUtah says:

    Why watch? Paul has spoke – Spain will prevale

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